Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mike Huckabee Christmas TV Ad

I thought this was a great ad by Huckabee and I think overall it will help him. However, the media is going crazy because some are saying that the bookshelf in the background is an attempt to send a subliminal message because it looks like a cross.

That is just stupid! It's a bookshelf. Also, why is it that Hillary and Obama can go preach and campaign in churches and it is pushed by the media as a good thing, but any republican that says anything remotely religious gets hammered by them. I appreciate Huckabee's honesty about his belief in Christ. Wouldn't it be refreshing if some of the other candidates were as up front about their religous views instead of pandering to whichever audience they were in front of.


Tyler said...

I watched this two nights ago after I heard that there was a, "floating cross in the background." I never saw anything. I had to read some posts before I realized that they were refering to the bookshelf in the background. How ridiculous is this? We've gone from campaiging for oneself, to digging up dirt on another, to the new method of accusing others of using subliminal messages. I think that the Dems are just scared. Considering GW Bush got elected with only 11% of the black vote, while Kerry receieved 88%. What about Huckabee? He received 48% of the black vote in Arkansas, a very Southern state! Translation: He can pick up all of the classicaly conservative voters, the so called "religious right", and now half of the black vote! That means he is a serious threat to the Dems. Especially when the last two elections have been decided by such small margins. Someone that can garner another 37% of the black voters is indeed someone to be very scared of, or very excited about. Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone.

Brother-in-law said...

I have to agree with you guys on this one. Why would he have a sublimanal floating cross when he's outright saying he believes in Christ as his Savior?