Friday, December 28, 2007

June 5th Debate: Mike Huckabee on Moral Issues

This is a great soundbite from Huckabee on the value of human life at all stages. I know some you may be getting tired of the political posts and I can understand that. To be honest, I really didn't have any interesting ideas today but I found this and thought he presented a solid view on this issue. It is interesting to see how so many people, conservatives and liberals, are starting to go after Huckabee now. Obviously, liberals are scared that he is moderate enough on issues like immigration and poverty to steal some votes away while at the same time having a pretty solid lock on the ever important evangelical vote. Some conservatives are scared that he might win the nomination and they do not think he can beat Hillary or Obama. I would much rather have Huckabee win the primary and lose the general than have Gulianni win both because I believe Gulianni winning the presidency is worse for the pro-life cause than having Hillary or Barak. I think this way because electing Rudy sets a dangerous precedent that the Republican Party no longer needs to put up pro-lifers to win, thus deeply weaking the pro-life movement's voice on the national scene.