Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mike Huckabee Ad:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mike Huckabee and Kevin Spacey: Twins Seperated at Birth?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pimped by Politicians

Over the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion/realization that Evangelicals in America have moved from influencing politicians to getting pimped by them. What do I mean by that? Well, the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections showed the country that evangelicalism was a forced to be reckoned with and that if you wanted to get elected president you needed our vote - just ask John Kerry about getting punked by evangelical voters in Ohio who pretty much single-handedly won that crucial state for Bush. However, after 2004 both the democrats (who were virtually clueless about the evangelical impact until then) and the republicans (who realized the importance of getting support from evangelicals) have moved from seeking to embrace, push, and express the social views of evangelicals to turning their position on any given issue to one that they say evangelicals should support and care about from a moral perspective.

For example, Barak Obama (yes, I know he is completely irrelevant now) and Hillary have tried to pander to evangelicals by saying that their positions that promote wealth redistribution and expansion of government welfare is the moral high ground to fighting poverty in our country. Thus, telling evangelicals that they should support these candidates for their concern about poverty - after all Jesus was all about feeding the poor, that is what they talked about at their churches last week. This is a classic pimp job because they do not give a rip about Jesus, evangelicals, or faith. They use it as a means to get votes. Not only that, Jesus nor the rest of the Bible, never encouraged government dependence father the Bible is clear - you reap what you sow. They simply want government to replace God in your life, especially in terms of being your provider. The church is called to care for the hungry and suffering by and through the power of the gospel - not the power of the government. They are pimping you by falsely identifying with evangelicals on an issue because they want our vote to get our money.

To be fair, some republicans do the same thing. Let's take Rudy for example. He tries to pimp evangelicals by saying that even though he is a supporter or abortion and homosexuality he would not do anything to encourage these behaviors from the White House - meaning that he would not push for legislation supporting either one of these. Thus, it is okay to vote for him if you are an evangelical because he won't do anything to further legalize or codify these behaviors - instead he would rather (you too) focus on other issues that he can/will do something about. This is another pimp job. Why? Because evangelicals are not indifferent to these issues - we are against them and want action taken. Further, by not fighting them he is supporting them. Finally, he his promise is to not push them; not to not sign bills that others pushed and passed. Once again, a politician wanting the evangelical vote who does not align with the evangelical view.

The two other ways they are trying to pimp us is by pointing to the other candidate and virtually saying, "he/she is far more off your beliefs than I am so you should vote for me - there is no other option." Once again they don't care about our concern for a healthy society or share our views that lead to that, they just want to leverage us for votes. Secondly, they will get into office by getting our vote through a single issue, but then do a host of things that are blatantly against our values on other issues and sadly we usually do not hold them accountable.

So, let's look out for the political pimps and throw our support behind value-driven politicians, like...Mike Huckabee. That's right, if you made it this far without giving up you now know who I support.

P.S. A good example of a prominant evangelical getting pimped is Pat Robertson by endorsing Guilianni.