Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yet ANOTHER Buffalo Bills Let Down

Cowboys 25 Bills 24 Romo 5 INTS and one fumble lost

After watching the Bills some how lose a game in which they forced six turnovers, and not to mention 4 straight super bowls and the music city miracle, I was once again reminded by my favorite sports team that it is senseless to put your hope in or seek satisfaction in anything but Jesus. I know this sounds funny but I truly believe that through all my traumatic experiences with the Bills (and losing 4 straight super bowls is traumatic especially when one treasures the Bills more than anything else) the Lord was preparing me to see that only He is worth treasuring above all else. I truly feel sad for all the Buffaloans that will be in a mild state of depression today (I have been there myself after many disappointing games) because they are putting their hope for fulfillment and satisfaction in the Buffalo Bills winning. The amazing thing is that even if they were to win the super bowl that happiness would last a few months at the most as the next season would come around. People say that Bills fans are so passionate about their team because they have nothing else in Buffalo; I pray that they would find the eternally satisfying joy of knowing Christ. It is very freeing to have perspective after a game like last night - yes, football is great to watch and it is great to have a favorite team to go crazy for, but at the end of the day it's football. Jesus is what matters above all else. My position in Christ because of what he did for me on the cross will never change and He will never let me down. It is easy to see that God loves the people of Buffalo. Why? Because He repeatedly shows them that teams and people will always let you down so it is foolish to seek joy and satisfaction so that maybe someday they will turn to the One who promises those things and delivers - unlike Scott Norwood.

Yes, this is definitely my weirdest blog and is full of theological holes to say the least, but give me a break the Bills blew a game that was impossible to blow last night! Sports are great!


Tyler said...

Trevor, now you know how us Bears and Cubs fans feel.