Thursday, October 11, 2007

Contrary to Liberals, Socialized Healthcare Stinks!

There is a major lie put forth mostly by ultra liberals like Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards - yes, don't let the rhetoric of these people fool you, they are ultra liberal - that socialized health care is the answer to making America's health care system better. They often use Canada as a model for their argument. However, that position is now being made absolutely laughable in these last few days as Canadian doctors are sending large numbers of pregnant women to the United States to have their babies delivered because they do not know how to perform high risk deliveries. Moreover, it is now coming out that the Canadian doctors are not equipped to perform many high risk procedures so many of those people get sent to the U.S. Here are a few obvious reasons why socialized health care is bad for you and me.

1. The government-run agencies, programs, and operations usually stink! Example: Have you ever been to the DMV? Do you want your doctor's office to run like that?
2. The free market works! Even with its faults we have the best health care system in the entire world precisely because doctors and hospitals compete for your business which makes them provide better care and specialize in certain areas.
3. The programs in place now don't work so why would you want to expand that failure to everyone. Health Connect (the government subsidized health care for children in IL) is already a massive failure because almost no doctors will accept it - only one does in all of Dekalb County. Why? Because the government is not reimbursing them for the care they are providing.
4. Building on point 3, our best doctors will leave the profession because if they do not they will go bankrupt.
5. This will deter people from becoming doctors - the money is not there! Many people become doctors because they are compensated well for the long, hard hours, and the care they provide.
6. Guess where the money comes from to pay for this. TAXES!!! That's right people in countries like Canada that have socialized health care pay over 60% of their wages to taxes. The government is BAD with money.
7. Socialized medicine is founded on the lie that the government is better at running your life than you are.
8. There are unbelievably long waits to see sub-par doctors.
9. There is no competition to make better medicines or find cures because there is no monetary incentive.
10. Government workers are usually lazy. That is why many of them are in a union. Unionized doctors is not a good option.
11. No free market to encourage better care and service.

There are many more reasons (obvious and less obvious) of why socialized health care is a terrible idea. You may disagree, but then of course you would be wrong:)


Tyler H. said...

Good points. What agency does the government run well? While I recognize our need for the government, I don't want it in every aspect of my life. All these government programs sound great untill someone points out that we don't have the money. Then it ends up just like in Chicago, we raise the taxes on everyone to pay for programs that barely function. Well, that's my opinion.

Trevor Holloway said...

Tyler, so true! You must be a Medhead.