Monday, October 22, 2007

The 2008 Presidential Campaign Has Been Decided!

That's right it's over. And the winner is...Mike Huckabee. Why? Because Chuck Norris said so! That's right, Chuck Norris recently endorsed Mike Huckabee and guess what... Chuck Norris does not vote for president of the United States. He gives the voting machine a swift roundhouse kick and Mike Huckabee wins.


Anonymous said...

Best post EVAR.

Tyler H. said...

That's awesome! I really like Mike Huckabee. I hope that he can gain the Republican endorsement, and eventually become President. How great would it be to have a truly Godly man in the White House? If you don't know about Huckabee check out his website at also type in "Huckabee debate" in youtube to see some of his debate responses.