Monday, October 15, 2007

#1 Husband

Now before any of you get the wrong idea after reading the title of this blog, Trevor is not conceited or arrogant, to the contrary really. Trevor just happens to keep the same password for everything, and I just happen to know what that password is.

I just wanted to take the time to share what a wonderful husband I have. He has a quality that I think is hard to come by, servant leadership. There is no doubt that Trevor is the biblical head of our household, and I try to be his helper. However, that does not exempt him from helping me; rather, because of the love he has for me he serves me. Trevor woke up this morning two times in the middle of the night to feed Ethan so I didn't have to. He's also feeding him right now as I write this (he eats a lot). On Saturday and Sunday Trevor helped with many of the household chores (without my asking) because he knew I wanted the house clean for a baby shower we had at our house this past weekend. Tonight, Trevor is cooking dinner. I have no doubt of Trevor's love for me.

Trevor is also a great spiritual leader. I know this is an area Trevor struggles in sometimes, but only because he wants to make sure he is helping us grow in our relationships with Christ. Trevor and I pray each night together, just the two of us. Now we have placed praying in Ethan's regular bedtime routine. It is so refreshing to hear Trevor pray for me and Ethan as well as his own needs. His prayers are always so humbling. I can't wait for Ethan to grow up and experience the candor of his mother and father's prayers each night. Trevor is also always searching for different ways we can experience God together. Right now we are going through John Piper's book The Passion of Jesus Christ then just spending time reflecting on each of the 50 reasons as to why Christ died for us. I value and treasure the time Trevor spends with me in the Word (even when I act like I don't).

Finally, I am so happy I have a husband worthy of my respect. Yes, I know a wife is to respect her husband regardless of whether or not he deserves it, but Trevor is definitely worthy of it. He lives his life is such a manner as to try to please God, not man. His love for me is evident in all he does. I hold him in high esteem, the highest esteem actually.

Trevor, I love you.




Anonymous said...

I saw this headline and figured there would be a picture of me somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you are such a great example of how to love and honor your husband. Trevor, I am so glad that Elizabeth has a husband who loves in such a Christ-like way.