Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Pledge From Me

Johnathon Edwards had 11 children that lived past infancy. That's right 11!!! (Obviously he was pretty good at something else besides preaching.) In one lecture in his class on the theology of JE, John Gerstner made an amazing observation , in all the sermons that are published and/or acrchived (at Yale) - which is A LOT- JE never used his children in an illustration. That is amazing given the great opportunity he probably had to do so with 11 of them. Now, I am not saying that it is wrong for pastors to use their children in illustrations but I think many fall into overkill and it is very annoying. Why? Because using your family, like using yourself, is very me-centered and not very creative at all. Many, people already have a hard enough time with not making an idol out of their pastor. As you can probably detect, pastors who use their families as illustrations in excess is a pet peeve of mine. Oddly enough, these pastors are usually illustration recyclers - another pet peeve of mine and a one of the cardinal sins of preaching. So, I pledge that I will not use my children (child at this point) as sermon illustrations. To me, it is annoying and the pastor's kid(s) does not need any more extra attention from the church. So, there it is! Be willing to call me out on it.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wise idea. Isn't wierd to think we have a PK?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could use your new niece as an illustration. Since she will be perfect, you could probably compare her as closest to Christ's perfection. Obviously, she can't compare with HIM, but closest still.