Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Value of Rest!!!

After a long, hard, trying, and joyful semester I have been blessed with a week to rest and recoup before I begin full-time. This has been a great week so far even though it has been tremendously difficult to not go to the office to start on the many exciting ideas and tasks that are constantly brewing in my head. I guess that is somewhat of a good thing though because it shows me that I really love what I do. Just taking this week has been refreshing as well as great to spend time with my wife who did not get a whole lot of time over these last hectic weeks of the semester. By the end of the semester I was truly worn out, but this week has been a great reminder of why God created sabbath - for us. We need rest because we are not God. We are finite, feeble, flaccid humans who are not self-sustaining but dependent on God for all things. I am most looking forward to an upcoming day of prayer that I have set aside; this should be absolutely refreshing! So, in conclusion, God gave us the need for rest for our joy!


JEJ said...

I hear ya... it's hard to accept that relaxing is part of working hard and being efficient. And what a great reminder the Sabbath is that God didn't just make us to "work" for Him, but to enjoy Him. He scheduled time for that enjoyment.

Hope the day of prayer goes well...and I hope that leads to a blog about how you went about that and what you gained from it and so forth.

ChosenRebel said...

Hey Trevor. some great comments. Good job.

At the heart of an unvillingness to rest is a human pride that says God's commands and God Himself are irrelavent. This is a good trigger for our spirit's. Overworking, is a sign to my heart that my love and trust of God is not where it ought to be. Solution? Repent, trut and obey.