Sunday, March 18, 2007

Here we go! But what's with the name?

Until recently I have never much been into the whole blog scene, thinking it was a waste of time, but culture is changing and so are our means of communication. Thus, it is now possible to reach literally millions of people while sitting in your office, living room, bedroom, etc (not that my insignificant ideas will accomplish this) and the impact can be breathtaking. So, I figure why not join the dialogue, learn something, and have some fun. It is my prayer that this blog helps your humble blogger, and maybe you too, wrestle with my ever developing thoughts and experiences pertaining to the supremacy of Christ in our culture and our lives. I only ask that you be patient and charitable with me as I know that I will post many things that are confusing, stupid, and/or wrong. So, here we go. Let's journey together.

Ahhh. The name. The name in itself is an expression of where I am in my journey right now. However, there are two aspects to the name that are unalterable. First, "Refor"represents my tight hold on my reformed theology. This will not change because truth does not change. Secondly, "Missionary" is what Jesus has called all of his followers to be (Matt. 28:18-20). On the other hand, "organic" signifies where I am in my journey in terms of how I believe the church would be most effective in reaching people in our post-modern, post-Christian culture. If you do not know what "organic" in this sense means I strongly encourage you to read Organic Church, by Neil Cole. It will blow your mind! This is not to say that I am one of those people who believes that this is the only way for the church to carry out its mission; right now I just believe that this is the best way.


jshomm said...

Hey Hey! I got your name before I read what you wrote. I look forward to reading the thoughts that go through your mind! Tell Prego I said HI! and Have a good night.